On our Way to Mount Rushmore……

I can’t even describe our drive/ride to Mount Rushmore!  We drove through Big Horn National Forest located in North Central Wyoming between Mount Rushmore and Yellowstone.  The diverse mountainous landscape included glacier carved valleys, rivers, rolling hills, and  moose, big horn sheep, deer, elk, buffalo, and pheasants.  It was amazing!

amazing cut out view of George Washington, taken as we rode by on our bikes

I can only imagine the Rainbow, Brook and Brown Trout swimming in the lakes and rivers.  I wish I had brought a frying pan and fishing permit.  I didn’t have those but I did have my bike.  I asked Eric to pull over and let me out.  I rode my bike down the mountainous road.  I gained speeds of 35-40 mph on my mountain bike.  It was all down hill.  When I reached the bottom I pulled into a little gas station and put my bike back on the rack. I couldn’t describe the feeling to Eric.  It was exhilarating. Limitless.  No Boundaries.  I told him he needed to take the next ride.  After some convincing he decided to give it a whirl.  We pulled over at a scenic pullout at the top of the next mountain and he got out.  He took off and headed straight down.  I drove behind him and took some pictures.  He was gaining some nice speed and at the bottom of the downhill, rounded a corner and OOPS!  all of a sudden straight uphill went the road!!  I couldn’t help but laugh!  I pulled up beside him and took some pictures.  He made some kind of comment about how “fun it was!”  NOT! I went ahead and drove to the top of the mountain and waited for him to get there.  I don’t think he was quite impressed!!!

We discovered a moose in BIg Horn National Forest

As we left Big Horn National Forest, it wasnt too much longer until we reached Mount Rushmore.  We found a campground at the bottom of Mount Rushmore hill and pitched our tent.  It rained!  But this time we purchased a tarp and wrapped our little tent up in the tarp to keep the rain out.  It worked for the most part.  We had a few soggy blankets the next morning.  But again, we threw them over the car to dry and took off on our bikes up to Mount Rushmore.

I noticed some beautiful rocks lying on the ground as we were riding so of course I had to stop and pick some up.  I stuffed them into Eric’s backpack to which he wasn’t too pleased.  But they were small rocks!  It was about a seven mile ride up to Mount Rushmore.  All uphill on our mountain bikes!!!! But when we got there, I must admit, it was the “best deal” of the whole trip.  It was totally free!  Cars and trucks had a fee to pay to park, but bicycles could go in for free.  We locked our bikes up to a sign inside the park and walked around to take in the amazing views.  The history is very interesting and the sight is incredible. It took about an hour and a half to see the whole park, then we hopped on our bikes and headed DOWN the hill back to the tent to pack our tent and head home. This was such an amazing trip.

I highly recommend this route to anybody, either on a mountain bike or a road bike.  I would include some more camping time, especially in Big Horn National Forest.  It was absolutely beautiful there!

a stop along the way to the top of Mount Rushmore

I am so glad I had the opportunity to take in these amazing views before I head to China.

Mount Rushmore view from inside the park

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