Addendum (to Fever)


(to Fever)

I wasn’t going to take any chances tonight.  I was wondering how I might get back inside the gate after my walk in the park with the remaining teachers who are here.   I didn’t want a repeat of last night at the gate. 

I decided an ice cube might work!  I wrapped an ice cube in a washcloth and headed out.  We took our lap around the park, talked about our first day of online teaching, and of course listed our “five positives of staying and being in Beijing” before we headed back. 

As I was headed to the apartment gate, I placed the ice cube on one wrist, then the other, followed by dabbing my forehead.  I just couldn’t risk being taken back to “that building” again. 

Now, please understand if I really DID have a fever, I would truly not do this. But I do know my body gets hot and most recently, at the wrong time!

But as I get to the gate, I notice the guards are gone, the table is closed, the tent is down and I have carried an ice cube around the park for nothing. 

It’s 28 degrees Fahrenheit here! 

Somewhat diligent in the day time taking temperatures, but after 5? forget it! You are inside! You don’t even need to jump over the fence as nobody cares at night.

Awesome! The menopausal over 50 aged woman with hot flashes that cause an increase in the temperature of my skin won’t go to the fever hospital tonight!!!

Trying to explain menopause and body temperatures at the gate to young men would prove to be a futile attempt in getting them to believe I don’t have the virus fever.  Thank goodness the google translated conversation didn’t happen tonight!

That there, is another positive!

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I am a bereaved parent. I write to give hope to other bereaved parents who are fresh in their grief. I want them to know life begins again. It (life) is forever changed, as are you, but one day, you will smile again. You may travel, you will make new friends, your heart will mend, though never heal and it will be a painful ride. It is one step at a time....sometimes, even one breath to the next is all we can seem to live through each day. But each day will be a new beginning, a different beginning, a different you. I have two surviving children: Amy, who is married to Brandon, and they have one daughter, Avery, and one son, Dylan. and Eric who is a doctor and is Clifton's twin brother. Clifton passed away when he was nearly two years old. As any bereaved parent knows, it is tough, REALLY tough trying to live after the death of a child. I lived in Shanghai, China for three years after the death of my son, and then lived in Beijing for two years. I am discovering life again, one step at a time. I returned to Oklahoma in February , 2020 due to the uncertainty of the virus. Little did I know the uncertainty would follow me across the ocean. This is nothing compared to the death of a child. I will survive! View all posts by cessley

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